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Our Sustainable Journey
Environmental Engineering

Torpey is built on learning and development, and we are particularly conscious to learn and develop to reduce our environmental impact. We aim to create products which are environmentally friendly and biodegradable where possible. Currently, our largest product base is made from ash and bamboo.

Our ash hurleys are biodegradable after use, the ash hardwood is FSC certified from managed forestry resources. Our forests are all operated ethically and incorporate sustainable supply chains. Additionally, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing, renewable resources in the world.

In conjunction with European partners, we have developed a sustainable bamboo life cycle. This includes sustainable forestry, carbon storage, certification, and responsible production. Strategies like these allow us to maximise our potential without impacting the environment.


Our Bambú hurley is a highly sustainable alternative to ash hurleys. During R&D our aim was to create a sustainable high-performing product. Having achieved this we are still constantly researching ways to improve the sustainability of our bamboo life-cycle. Currently Bamboo is highly sustainable as it can grow upto 3 feet a day and to maturity in 3-5 years. Bamboo also has a high carbon sequestration value (the capture and storage of CO2 in wood).

We have sustainably sourced the material, our material partners have completed a Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) and carbon footprint analysis on our Bamboo products. The LCA proves Bamboo is carbon negative on the environment if we can find an appropriate end use for bamboo (burning for electricity). This is a task we are working hard on to ensure we are not only sustainable in Bamboo but create a net positive influence on the environment. After burning bamboo (directly preventing burning of fossil fuels), our LCA will turn to an overall net positive influence on the environment.

We are currently working hard to ensure our bamboo waste becomes streamlined and burned for electricity. This final step in our circular process will give our Bamboo a CO2 negative score and create an overall CO2 negative rating for our Bamboo under the LCA.

20110826_Moso-bamboo-WEB-1024x683 (1)

We use only natural materials for our core hurley products. Our core values are sustainability and the community, both of which the ash tree is steeped in when it comes to hurling.

Our Ash trees are felled and distributed from FSC certified forestry’s in the EU. The growing of ash trees has a positive influence on the environment due to high carbon sequestration levels by taking in CO2 and letting out oxygen. In our forests when ash trees are felled, more are planted and the business of making hurleys encourages more ash tree plantations thus improving carbon intake.

Our ash manufacturing in-house has a low carbon value due to the ability of the wood waste to be processed into wood briquettes to create an end of life product for all of our ash. Our largest negative impact on the environment is in the transportation of ash wood with haulage companies and this is something we are currently striving to improve.

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