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Torpey Careers

Come join our innovative team at Torpey and engage in our dynamic, sports-based, and fast-growing business environment. We have open roles at the company and are always on the lookout for interested candidates. We encourage you to send us your CV or reach out to us via LinkedIn with your expression of interest.

Contact the Torpey team at info@torpey.ie

Torpey is an equal opportunities employer. Our Values are important and we’re always interested to hear from people who share them:

  • Innovation in Sport and Business: We use scientific and customer research to enhance our products, processes and services. We develop new and innovative solutions in a performance driven environment.
  • Employee Development: We provide a respectful environment where employees can thrive in a engaged sports business culture.
  • Player Focused: We aim to satisfy our players and customers in sport with high-quality sustainable products and services.
  • Self Sustaining: We believe our business should be sustainable both from a product and process viewpoint right down to every employee.
Business Operations Lead
Full-time or Job Share (Part-Time)

Come join our innovative team at Torpey® and engage in our dynamic, sports-based, and fast-growing business environment. We are seeking a highly motivated, organised, and diligent individual to fill the role in Business Operations Lead who can help sustain and grow the business into the future. As the Business Operations Lead you will help solve business issues, enhance customers experience with the brand, liaise with business partners/sourcing agents, managing weekly operations in-store/online, manage purchases and logistics, among other varied tasks. The position is an ideal opportunity for an individual who enjoys multi-tasking, is extremely organised and has a keen eye for detail.

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