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Returns & Exchanges

Returns Policy
Hurleys are made from a natural material and, although every effort is made to produce the highest quality hurley, they are innately a non-uniform product and their lifespan is unpredictable.

Torpey Hurleys will not issue refunds for any hurleys that are used, marked, altered or broken.

If a customer wants to return a hurley that is unused and unaltered a refund may be issued upon direct inspection at the factory store with the receipt within 14 days from when you received the hurley. If returning a hurley via post/courier please allow sufficient time for the transit of the hurley within the 14 days.

Please note that we cannot offer refunds on any customisation services applied to the order before dispatch. If you wish to have the same customisations on the replacement hurley, these will come at an extra cost.

Please note that for any refunds or replacements, the customer will cover the shipping costs of the hurley for inspection at the factory. Any new replacements sent out to our customers in the Republic of Ireland will be covered by Torpey.


Bambú Hurleys

Bambú hurleys are engineered and have a consistent standard however once they have been used in competitive action (training/games) we cannot be held responsible for how the hurley reacts in unpredictable and unique scenarios. Torpey will not hold any responsibility for hurleys broken which have been used in competitive action. That said we are offering a unique returns policy for people to ensure they receive the correct experience with Bambú hurleys. This returns policy will be offered if the product has been used under normal hurley use conditions.

Hurley Weight Broken 0-10 days 10-28 days Over 28 Days
Light 50% Discount No Replacement No Replacement
Medium Replacement 50% Discount No Replacement
Heavy Replacement 50% Discount No Replacement



If your hurley fits into the below category for a replacement or discount please e-mail us and send photographs of the broken hurley. We will then follow up with you within 3 working days.


E-mail: info@torpey.ie

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