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Our 6-STAR premium range are made from our top 10% of quality ash planks. They are carefully selected and chosen by our master craftsmen. They offer premium balance, flexibility and strength.



Our 5-STAR high quality ash planks are grown in high quality soil conditions. This range offers an optimum grain structure but can have a higher density (weight) than our 6-star range.


Our 4-STAR ash range offers players good quality ash at an affordable price. The ash has a varied grain structure and can be weaker in structure compared to our 5-star quality.

Quality Hardwood

Choose your ash quality in our specifications section. Our premium 5-star quality timber is sourced in the Netherlands from FSC certified forests where the timber grows in optimum soil conditions for greater strength and flexibility in your hurley.


Style Enhancements

Our Big Bás style has developed over several years. Through development with our master craftsmen and elite players we have adjusted the shape and balance to suit the needs of the modern player.


Top elite athletes have been using Torpey Big Bás to perform to their full potential. Torpey Big Bás has all the attributes needed to take to the field and aid your performance.

TORPEY Ash (Big Bás)
Natural Hurling Performance

Torpey Ash Hurleys provide a larger bás for greater control with a higher first touch success rate. Big Bás hurleys are craft finished and tailored to you.

Made from the finest ash hardwood and finished to the highest quality standard, our ash hardwood is FSC certified from managed forestry resources. Torpey hurleys are high quality, hand finished and performance enhancing hurleys.

Ash-Camogie-Product-Hero-1024x775 (1)
TORPEY Ash (Big Bás)
Rooted In Tradition

Torpey Big Bás — although developed over many years — is finished with traditional handcrafting methods for optimum balance and feel. Hurley creation still involves hand finishing and craftwork at many stages. Discussion with players about their individual preferences is also a huge part of the crafting process, even today.

Ash-Hurling-Product-Hero-1024x775 (1)



Available in size ranges from 32–36 inch. Please see Ash Kids for sizes 20–27 inch or Ash Youth for sizes 28-31


Available in weight balances of light, medium & heavy. The weights are classed in grams and can be found on the purchase section.


Three categories of Grain Quality and finishing available, ranging from cost-effective four-star range to our premium six-star offering.

Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Ash 6-Star
Original price was: €66.50.Current price is: €60.00.

Torpey oversized bás hurleys are the preference of many intercounty hurling stars and top players nationwide.

Grips supplied free with hurleys (not applied onto the hurley).

**Light hurleys available in-store ONLY


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