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How many hurleys will I receive with the subscription?

We will send you 3 hurleys to start your subscription. We will then keep you stocked up with a hurley every 6 months in the door, you won’t even have to think, same weight, same size, same balance as the last one (unless you want otherwise)

How will I be charged for the subscription?

– Your subscription will initially cost the monthly fee plus the initial delivery fee, all following delivery fees (every 6 months) will be paid by Torpey.

– Every month you will then be charged the monthly fee via direct debit. See T&Cs for more details.

Will I receive a new grip with every new hurley?


Can I put my subscription on hold if I am injured?

Generally not, however if you have a long term injury (more than 6 months) please e-mail us at info@torpey.ie and we may be able to put your subscription on hold.

Will my subscription run out?

No, your subscription will run indefinitely until you cancel it

How do I cancel my subscription?

In order to cancel a subscription, one must login their account created when ordering your product. You will find your account link in your order e-mail. Through accessing the link you will be able to cancel your order. If you encounter problems please e-mail info@torpey.ie

When I cancel my subscription do I keep my hurleys?


What if I break my hurleys in the first 6 months?

If you need a new hurley before the 6 months is up, please email us at info@torpey.ie and we can send you your new hurley ahead of time.

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