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Bambú offers a greater strike and sweet spot compared to our ash collection. Scientific testing in Loughborough Sports University has shown the hurley to have a greater sweet spot for improved consistency. Players have experienced a sweeter strike with Bambú and claim it has a striking distance further than ash.

Next Generation

A new breed of hurlers is coming. With the bambú hurley adopting into senior players hands, Torpey Bambú is sure to be the hurley of the future. Torpey Bambú is here to stay and getting used to it now will increase performance in the long-term.


Future focused engineering technology has been implemented to manufacture a consistent Bambú hurley. Our engineering capabilities will ensure the same Bambú hurley is produced every single time. Weight and balance requirements can be guaranteed giving players the confidence to perform with their favourite hurley.

best in the game

Made from 100% natural bamboo the hurley is highly sustainable and kinder to the planet than all other hurleys. The material has been sustainably sourced and it is the first Natural Fibre Composite (NFC) hurley ever created.

Elite athletes have taken to use Torpey Bambú since its’ introduction in the summer of 2020. Join some of our top performing athletes in choosing Torpey Bambú to enhance your performance and enjoyment in hurling. Torpey Bambú offers players the chance to take their performance to a new elite level! Once you try it, you won’t be disappointed!




Available in sizes ranges from 24-28 inch.


24mm patented matrix construction. Our unique patented technology ensures strength, stability, and flexibility in the hurley.


Each Torpey Bambú comes with our Torpey grip with various colours to choose from.

Bambú Kids
Bambú Kids
Bambú Kids
Bambú Kids
Bambú Kids
Bambú Kids
Bambú Kids
From: 35.00


Torpey Bambú is the future of high-performance hurling. Bambú offers greater strike, consistency and sustainability in a hurley. Developed by our sports engineers, Torpey Bambú has outperformed competitors during rigorous scientific and inter-county player testing.

Grips supplied free with hurleys.


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