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Send your Santa Letter via Torpey

Torpey will help you send your Santa Letter to the North Pole for special Christmas delivery.

Torpey has teamed up with Santa Claus in a special collaboration to help you build your Christmas letter for the Big Man. Hurling is going international, Santa and the Elves have been playing and practicing their hurling this year. They have been using their Torpey Bambú hurleys and Santa is looking to build a hurling team in the North Pole next year. Santa has also been learning to make Bambú hurleys, he has learned the skills from our Master Craftsmen here at Torpey and is now well equipped to make the best Torpey Bambú hurleys.

Download either of our template Santa Letters and print off the pre-filled letter. Fill up your Santa List with all the gifts you are looking for this Christmas (Hurleys, Balls, Grips, Toys etc.). Once you have it filled in, post it via your local An Post service and wait for it to fly all the way to the North Pole. From there Santa’s little helpers (the elves) will do the rest and Santa Claus will deliver it on Big Night.

Torpey - Letter to Santa-01
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