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Flat handle

Engineered for enhanced grip and control, this hurley features a uniquely flattened handle design, providing players with a comfortable and ergonomic hold during play. Unlike traditional round handles, the flattened profile offers a more secure grip and reduces hand fatigue, allowing players to focus on their technique and performance.

Head balanced

The distribution of weight in this hurley has been carefully designed towards the bás, resulting in enhanced striking force and superior control over your shots. By strategically placing the weight towards the lower end of the hurley, it optimizes the leverage and momentum generated with each swing, empowering you to deliver powerful and precise hits with ease.

Consistent Dimensions

Future focused engineering technology has been implemented to manufacture a consistent Bambú hurley. Our engineering capabilities will ensure the same Bambú hurley is produced every time. Balance and dimension requirements can be guaranteed giving players the confidence to perform with their favourite hurley.

best in the game

Made from 100% natural bamboo the hurley is highly sustainable and kinder to the planet than all other hurleys. The material has been sustainably sourced and it is the first Natural Fibre Composite (NFC) hurley ever created.

Elite athletes have taken to use Torpey Bambú since its’ introduction in the summer of 2020. Join some of our top performing athletes in choosing Torpey Bambú to enhance your performance and enjoyment in hurling. Torpey Bambú offers players the chance to take their performance to a new elite level! Once you try it, you won’t be disappointed!

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Available in size ranges from 30–36 inch. Please see Torpey Bambú Kids for sizes 24–29 inch.


Available in weight balances of light, medium & heavy. The weights are classed in grams and can be found on the purchase section.


24mm patented matrix construction. Our unique patented technology ensures strength, stability, and flexibility in the hurley.


Each Torpey Bambú comes with our Clench XL grip with various colours to choose from.


Séadna Morey
Clare Senior Hurler

The new Torpey Bambú hurley exceeded my expectations! Feels like a traditional ash Hurley but noticed within my first session with it that my pucking-distance was increased and loved the balance of it. Quickly became my number one Hurley and have been using it ever since. A brilliant sustainable product that is leading the way in its field.

David Reidy
Clare Senior Hurler

It is next to impossible to tell the difference between an Ash hurley and the new Bambú hurleys. If anything, my striking is smoother, my touch is the same and the balance is superior. It is easy for Torpey Hurleys to make the new Bambú hurley to your liking, the exact thickness, the exact weight you want and a second hurley the same as your number one hurley.

Seán Finn
Limerick Senior Hurler

From a hurler’s perspective, it was a product that looked like a hurley, felt like a hurley and most importantly from my perspective it performed as good as an ash hurley. I used it this year in the all-Ireland 2020 championship and I continue to use it. I am really impressed.

Bambú – Strike
Bambú – Strike
Bambú – Strike
Bambú – Strike
Bambú – Strike
Bambú – Strike

Our patented Bambú construction paired with our iconic Big Bás design, where precision engineering meets long standing tradition. For players who seek optimised striking distance with consistent dimensions every time.

Grips supplied free with hurleys (not applied onto the hurley).


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